Trustees deciding Ramsey’s fate in private

By on July 27, 2016
University of Louisville Board of Trustees

By Kyeland Jackson —

Countdown to a decision on President James Ramsey’s future lengthened after the board of trustees called for an executive session Wednesday.

The agenda for Wednesday’s special meeting called for discussion on Ramsey’s offered resignation and steps on replacing him. After reading the resignation letter, trustees called an hours-long executive session to reach a decision on his offer.

At the time of this post, a decision has not been made.

Ramsey offered his resignation two weeks ago in a dubious executive session meeting. Last week, Chair Pro Tem Junior Bridgeman said Ramsey offered his resignation and the board would accept it during today’s special meeting.

Conditions for his resignation stipulate Ramsey would become U of L’s interim president until next year. If the board hires him, Ramsey gets the same pay and compensation he received as president, and an option to use a year of paid leave.

Ramsey’s position on the U of L Foundation is in question as well, as he has not verified whether he will stay with the foundation after his tenure at U of L.

The new board of trustees held their first meeting two weeks ago, bringing a firestorm of confusion after a student’s outburst and a questionable executive session meeting. The legality of the board has been questioned by Attorney General Andy Beshear, who sued Governor Matt Bevin twice.

A hearing on one of those suits led to no decision and will continue. If a judge grants Beshear’s injunction, Bevin’s constituted board will be voided and the former board of trustees would preside.

Former board chair Larry Benz said he would welcome a return to the board.

“Under a scenario where the previous trustees are restored, I would willingly return and assume the others would as well provided the board was empowered legally,” Benz said in an email.

This story will be updated.

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