Staff being paid less than national average

By on May 10, 2016
The Louisville Cardinal News

By Kyeland Jackson —

According to a recent staff market pay survey, U of L staff are being paid 10 percent less than the base market pay.

Executive Director of Human Resources Jeanell Hughes presented the results, stating all U of L staff are paid 10 percent less than the top 50 in the market. Of those staff members, 31 percent are at or above the top 50 market percentage. The remaining 69 percent are below.

Hughes says the problem grew from the lack of a solid compensation philosophy, and a disconnect between department’s pay ranges and the actual market range.

“Departments have, for the most part, free reign in designating how they want to pay,” Hughes said. “This is not a quick fix solution. This is not something that we just one day decide where everybody should be and increase their pay to that point. You all understand that that is not going to happen.”

Hughes is gathering a compensation committee to troubleshoot the problem and offer ideas. The committee will meet this month. Staff Senate chair Angela Lewis-Klein said the staff will respond to the issue after the group has made a list of suggestions.

The survey comes four months after a departmental survey found the A&S faculty are underpaid.

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