Bevin’s crusade against Planned Parenthood ignores larger issues

By on March 23, 2016

By Aaron Hartley–

In his first few months in office, Governor Matt Bevin has made it abundantly clear where his priorities lie. A staunch conservative, Bevin has been working diligently, and often successfully, to undo many of the progressive victories of Kentucky’s last governor.

Bevin has attacked minimum wage increase, a restoration of voting rights for felons and a deconstruction of the state’s hugely successful health care implementation, Kynect. Recently, Bevin turned his attention to the state’s Planned Parenthood centers in a move that is not only misled, but dangerous for the health and welfare of the state.

The Supreme Court settled the abortion legal debate over forty years ago in the Roe V. Wade case, but it continues to garner animosity and competition from state governments. In some states, like Texas, clinics have been all but totally closed and restricted – resulting in an abundance of people having to travel out of state for procedures. A handful of states have mandatory ultrasounds before one is allowed to get an abortion. From outright restriction to emotional manipulation, the crusade against abortion is still strong.

The problem, especially in Kentucky, is that a fallacious witch hunt has been kick-started against Planned Parenthood. The organization is the largest provider of reproductive health care in the country, offering birth control, advising and STI testing, in addition to abortions. Despite these benefits, politicians like Bevin have taken it among themselves to do what they can in their power to press against them. Bevin specifically has filed lawsuits against both the Planned Parenthood centers in Louisville and Lexington in his recent efforts against the organization. Earlier this month, the University of Louisville Hospital cut ties with Planned Parenthood, citing “outside pressure” as the cause. Coincidence?

While a judge denied Bevin’s request to close the Lexington center this month, the situation does not bold well for the state. Bevin has not efficiently and logically hopped on more pressing issues: Kentucky is 47th in the country in education, 44th in health, 43rd in debt, 41st in unemployment, 46th in poverty and touts a dying coal industry.

Bevin continues to look the other way. He cares about showing off how devoutly conservative he is to score points from the right and the 15 percent of misguided voters that actually put him in office. Considering he’s only been governor for three months, this is looking to be a long and painful four years for Kentucky.

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