Brief: Two trustees withdraw support of Ramsey

By on January 14, 2016
University of Louisville Board of Trustees

By Olivia Krauth–

After months of constant scandals, two U of L trustees say they no longer support President James Ramsey.

Craig Greenberg and treasurer Steve Campbell spoke out at today’s board of trustees meeting, expressing their dissent.

“I’m happy to stand alone, and I do it with all respect,” Campbell said.

In the board’s September meeting, all 20 trustees signed a letter stating their full support of Ramsey. Greenberg and Campbell were the only two who have changed their minds since.

“This document that we did sign last September is now being used as a prop by other members of this board,” Greenberg said.

Their comments were not discussed, and the meeting moved on immediately after.

Following the meeting, President Ramsey released a statement on the members. “The two trustees who spoke up are entitled to their opinion and I respect their positions, but we have broad disagreements on how best to provide a high-quality public education,” he said in response to the members withdrawing their names.

Chairman Larry Benz said he was unaware of the members’ intentions to withdraw their names, and still supports the president. Discussions on removal of the president from the U of L Foundation will only be held if requested before the next board meeting.

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