What grinds my gears: Nov. 24 edition

By on November 19, 2015

By Dalton Ray–

The fact that Missouri’s President Tim Wolfe didn’t step down until the football players joined the protesting

Jonathan Butler was the leader of the protesting in Missouri by starting a hunger strike on Nov. 3. On Nov. 7 members of the football team joined in by boycotting playing any games until Wolfe was gone. Two days later he stepped down because of the loss of millions of dollars that their boycott would of ended up in. Not the potential loss of a life but the potential loss of revenue is what caused him to step down.

Missouri student body president Payton Head

Payton Head sent out false reports of “confirmed sightings” of the KKK on campus at Missouri, and he said he would work with the National Guard and Missouri Police about the matter. He later admitted this wasn’t true. Also Head, a homosexual African-American, says he doesn’t feel accepted on campus. However, he was voted the 2015 homecoming king on Oct. 15.

People who still say that student athletes aren’t more important to a university than a regular student

Student athletes have the ability to make hundreds of millions of dollars for their university. Regular students have the ability to go into $20,000 of debt. In 2014, the top three schools made $514,965,405 in total revenue off of their athletic teams. What do you think a university cares about more? Pulling in money from athletes, or you getting your liberal arts degree?

Anyone who says you need to pray for countries affected by the latest terrorist attacks and not just change your profile picture on Facebook

I hate to break it to you, but they both accomplish the same thing: nothing. It’s a nice gesture, but neither produce real-life actions.

People who are asking for all the love for Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries because of what happened in Paris

First off, you didn’t say anything about these countries or get mad that Facebook didn’t let you change your profile picture until when? After the Paris attacks, that’s right. The 147 killed in Kenya happened in April, so you’re way behind. When it comes to the attacks in Nigeria, most of those attacks were done by Boko Haram, a group that originated there.

People who say all Muslims hate America and are terrorists

Hitler was a Christian who also hated America, and the KKK are all Christians. Just because you your faith is in one religion doesn’t mean anything — it’s your upbringing and the type of person you are that matters. Believe it or not, all religions are almost exactly the same, so before you go and bad-mouth another religion, you should probably compare and contrast.

Fox News

This news platform is narcissistic. They discriminate against one group of people, invite experts to speak about this group, and they don’t allow them to talk because it doesn’t match their world view.

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  1. Blake Schneider

    November 26, 2015 at 8:00 am

    I don’t usually comment on things like this but could you try to do a little research before making statements? Hitler was not a Christian, his own biographers tell us he hated it and once he gained power that’s when the Nazis turned into a secular and “science” based party. He was a clever politician who understood he couldn’t get control of Germany without its biggest electorate; Christians.

    Your statement about prayer is also fallacious. Billions of people across the globe think it produces real life consequences and you have no evidence is does or doesn’t. All religions are the same? That is simply uneducAted nonsense as well, kind of shows you’ve never taken a world religions course.

    Lastly, give up the nonsense on Fox News. You act as though they have a bias and no one else does which is complete nonsense. You’re only trying to call them out because they disagree with your opinion and are biased towards the right instead of the far left like MSNBC.

    This was a very poorly written article.

    • Dalton Ray

      November 26, 2015 at 12:03 pm

      Thank you for your opinion, I enjoy seeing others’ points of view.

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