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By on November 21, 2015

Final stats for Louisville: 38-75 from FG, 4-12 from three, 9-12 from FT, 53 rebounds, 15 assists, 12 steals, and 6 blocked shots.

Final: 89-61 Louisville downs North Florida.

Johnson gets the put back, 1:05 left. Jay Henderson and Snider replace Lee and Lewis.

Levitch, Mahmoud, and Johnson all sub in. Replacing Mitchell, Onuaku, and Spalding. 1:50 left.

Onuaku gets his fourth assist as Spalding puts in another one.

Beech drives on Spalding and Ray gets charged with the foul. 85-55 Louisville as Beech heads to the line.

Spalding has a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Mathiang goes to the line and gives U of L 81-53 lead after making both free throws.

Lee knocks down the mid-range jumper as the crowd cheers for tacos.

Moore leads NFU with 21 points with Beech pulling in 16.

Lee leads scoring with 22 followed by Spalding with 16 and 100% field goal percentage.

With 7:57 left the Cards own a 22 point lead with 75-53.

Matching with a blocked followed by Spalding, then Mathiang adds another. Snider’s jump shot at the other end gives Louisville the 73-51 lead.

Lee feeds Spalding and he finishes with a slam. 71-51 U of L with 9:44 left.

NFU silences the crowd for a moment with a three of their own. 69-51 Louisville with 10:31 left.

Spalding gets the fast break steal and ends it with a dunk. Lee follows with a three on the next possession.

Spalding with the block, stoppage in play due to clock issues. Manthiang checks in, 62-49 with 12:02 left.

Lee sends home a three from Snider. Snider feeds Lee on the fast break and he uses the spin move to get to the hole. 62-47 U of L after the timeout from NFU, 12:56 left.

Snider directing traffic, ends up with a Lee lay up. 57-47 Cards.

Mitchell subs in for Lewis.

Moore hits the three, Lewis answers with a jump shot of his own. 53-47 with 15:00 left.

Onuaku forces turnover. 51-44 Louisville.

Moore, Mackey, Malonga, Beech and Davenport start for NFU.

Lewis, Snider, Lee, Spalding and Onuaku on the floor for U of L in the second half.

NFU hits another three after Snider converts and the score is 47-44. Timeout North Florida with 18:35.

After the Onuaku steal, Snider feeds Spalding for his 10th point. 45-41.

Half-time leaders for NFU: Dallas Moore with 14 points, Beau Beech with 13 andTrent Mackey with 9. Beech also leads in rebounding with 4, assists with 3 and steals with 2.

Half-time leaders for U of L: Lee with 10 points, Lewis with 9 and Spalding with 8. Onuaku with 6 rebounds, Lee with 5. Onuaku and Spalding both have 3 blocks and a steal.

Half-time stats for North Florida: 13-32 on field goals, 9-16 from three, 6-7 on free throws, 13 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, 2 blocked shots.

Half-time stats for Louisville: 17-41 on field goals, 2-7 from three, 7-10 on free throws, 31 rebounds, 5 assists, 6 steals, and 3 blocked shots.

Beau Beech hits the buzzer beating three from the top of the key. 43-41 Louisville.

Lee drives to the basketball, 43-38 Cards.

Onuaku uses post move to get the score inside, Aaron Bodger gets called for a push off during a rebound. Lee hits both shots.

Spalding hits both at the line, 38-37 NFU. Ospreys get a five second call on the inbound.

After Lewis’ three pointer Mathiang gets a technical. Mackey goes one and one at the line.

Three straight from distance for North Florida. 37-32 NFU.

Dallas Moore hits the corner three and cuts the Louisville lead to one. 30-29 with 3:34 left.

Mitchell with a technical foul, Trent Mackey makes both free throws. NFU ball.

After Louisville turnover NFU runs down and hits transition three, 30-24 Cards.

Mitchell leads the break, misses, grabs the rebound and gets fouled. Makes both.

Lee and Spalding leading the Cards in scoring with 6.

Lee drives the lane and converts, 28-21 U of L. NFU calls a timeout, 7:13 left.

Lewis feeds Spalding for the dunk, 26-21 Louisville.

Lewis back in for Mathiang.

Donovan Mitchell subs in for Lewis.

With 9:35 left in the first half Louisville leads 24-21. Four players with four points, Chinanu has five rebounds.

Snider with the corner three, 24-21 Louisville.

Spaulding with another put back gives U of L the lead.

Spaulding gets the put back dunk, 18-17 NFU.

Ray Spalding replaces Onukau.

Cards out rebounding the Ospreys 13-2, Mathiang’s field goal makes it 16-13 North Florida.

Louisville 1-4 on free throws early on.

Moore gets fouled on the layup, gets the and-1. 16-9 NFU.

NFU gets quick score followed by steal and lead 13-9 with 15:44 remaining in the first half.

Lewis with back to back drives to the line, tied at 9 with 16:00 left

Jaylen Johnson fouled hard, NFU leads 6-2 with 18:30 left.

North Florida starting line ups: Beau Beech, Chris Davenport, Trent Mackey, Dallas Moore, Nick Malonga

Louisville starting line ups: Chinanu Onukaku, Jaylen Johnson, Damien Lee, Quentin Snider, Trey Lewis

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