Grinds My Gears: Nov. 2 edition

By on November 2, 2015


By Dalton Ray–

Editor’s note: “Grinds My Gears” is a column of what has recently annoyed the assistant sport editor, Dalton Ray. Agree with him? Disagree? Tweet at him – @dray5477.

-Everyone being so uptight about Halloween costumes. You can be offended by every single costume if you chose to be, you really can. You just have to apply the same overly sensitive feelings you have to different views. People dressed up as homeless people are making fun of them because they’re wearing their clothes. Girls dressed as slutty cops offend me because they’re disgracing the integrity of the uniform and shield. Just because you dress up as a Native American or an Arabic person doesn’t mean you’re disrespecting their culture. If you add some unneeded features offensive obscenities then you are.

Anyone who thinks President James Ramsey is racist. Just leave.

Case Hoskins. He talks about the lack of uproar around an article from The Cardinal a few weeks back, cites the reason as no one reads The Cardinal. Then spends two days talking about the article on Twitter and gives it more views.

Anyone who takes beer pong too seriously and treats it like an actual game. Emotions aren’t required to play.

Louisville football coaching staff. We’ve witnessed some barnburners against N.C. State, Boston College and Wake Forest with a total of 57 points. At a certain point, players can only take so much of the blame and getting out-schemed in multiple games doesn’t fall on them. Also Charlie Strong didn’t leave the cupboard completely bare like the coach who left in 2007 so we were able to win nine games with Strong’s guys last year, let’s see how many we get this year.

-Katina Powell. She is a terrible person that has put her own daughters into “the family business.” Despite being in the middle of this sex scandal, she seems to be enjoying her time in the spot light, shocking. Powell also has changed her story multiple times for each publication that has interviewed her. She doesn’t have to cognitive skills to conduct these interviews live so she has all of them pre-taped so she comes out in a good light. Then she does one live radio interview and admits to prostitution.

-Andre McGee. This should be a lesson for everyone, don’t mess with hoodrats. I guess he didn’t learn this Moreno Valley, California.

-Donald Trump. Really I could take up an entire page for this one but I’ll keep it short. First off, he says he connects mostly with the middle class, the man who has a net worth of $4 billion. The average middle class is worth or makes just over $70,000. His stance on women is most relatable of a man from the 1800s. Finally, his go-to card is kicking out illegals and building a wall. Doesn’t say how he plans on doing it or providing funding, but don’t worry he’s going to do it.

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  1. Tyler Radford

    November 6, 2015 at 4:14 am

    Awesome 100% correct on everything

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