Finding the importance of quality people as an undergrad

By on November 19, 2015

By Lauren Weitlauf–

I am a fervent believer that social media accounts like Total Srat Move are ruining our generation; guiltily, I admit that I still follow them. It’s my last-ditch effort to remain in the loop as I age rather ungracefully out of my undergraduate college experience. While the shameful articles about “How to Send Safe Nudes” or “How to ACTUALLY Get A Boyfriend” make me cringe and seriously question the sanity and morality of our generation, a compelling article will catch my eye. One of these articles was titled “An Open Letter to my Ex-Best Friend.”

If you are lucky, the only exes you will have in your lifetime will be your significant others, and the disgraceful title will not apply to your best friends. Why? Because life is hard, and you need quality people who will stand by you. It’s as simple as that.

What you don’t need are people that you collect like pawns to fill a void that makes you feel temporarily important. You don’t need people you desire to win over or get on “your side” for your own selfish agenda.  You don’t need people who make you feel small and unimportant because of differing social statuses. Instead, I hope that you find people who make things right in your heart, and I hope you keep them. I hope you find people that make your trivial and mundane days exponentially more than subpar, and I hope you cherish them. Like a tree that produces oxygen, I challenge you to reflect on the people in your life that give you that breath of fresh air.

Too many times, we struggle to find ourselves and often, lose others as we go. Sometimes it is necessary because as we mature our growing pains may not be compatible with others. However, just because we may branch apart does not mean we cannot stand together.

Society has capitalized on the idea that more is better. Surplus is important. Excess is necessary. First things first, do everything but believe this monstrous societal lie.
College is merely four (or, in my case, five-ish) short years where you will likely learn more outside of the classroom than in it. One of these lessons will challenge your idea of quality verses quantity. What will you find more important?

You need people. We all do. And not just any people, but wholesome, well-rounded, quality people. You need people who understand the importance of mutual investment and support, and people who are willing to age emotionally with you, as well as provide kindness and balance to this unpredictable, messy thing we call life.

During personal growth, it is easy to pay more attention to the branches that stand in the sun, but I challenge you to focus on the trunks that provide the true support.

I hope that as you find your way, you never have to find that balance out on an unsupportive limb.

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