Do you even vote, bro?

By on November 13, 2015

One right that should be held as important next to freedom of speech is voting. That being said, did you hit the poll booths for the last election? If you’re answer is no, you should be shaming yourself right about now. Voting is the right and duty as an American citizen that makes the democracy machine run its course. Here at home, Matt Bevin easily won, we know that. Why did he? Is it because that’s just what Kentucky wants? No. He won because the voter turnout was despicable.

For those of you whose mantras are “my vote doesn’t really count, so why do it? It’s just one vote,” you’re part of the problem. Your vote does matter, as does every other persons’. Did you know that only 30.7 percent of the voters in Kentucky actually voted, and that’s not to mention the able, unregistered voters? That’s atrocious. If you’re upset that Matt Bevin won and is going to rip this state to shreds, blame yourself for not voting. Jack Conway would have won by a landslide had more than a puny 30.7 percent of us Kentuckians showed up to vote. You can’t hope and wish someone into office, you have to vote for them. It’s that simple.

Ask yourself this – being an adult college student at the University of Louisville, do you actually care about the political process? Do you care about whose hands your country falls into? If you don’t, you should. This isn’t a game, and you should take it more seriously at times. This country needs a renaissance. The majority of people in this country need to wake up and care about things that actually matter, like voting and progressing humanity.

This voter turnout, especially here in Kentucky, has got a lot of individuals fed up and worried. If the majority of people aren’t participating in the political process, how can we consider ourselves and our country as democratic? The reason we have a democracy is to ensure that we elect people that are willing to represent the people of a certain county, state, and the whole country for that matter. If we don’t vote for someone who will guarantee and fight for our best interests, the liars will win. We the people can change that. Do yourself and your country a favor, and just vote.

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