The Louisville Cardinal

Home hunting: affiliated properties vs Old Louisville

by Brooke Billingsly —

Look no more, your first stop shop to evaluating all of your off campus housing options for the fall has arrived and just in time before you begin signing your life away in housing contracts. Louisville has expanded a great deal over the past few years with their housing options. Your decision might not come easily so weigh all of your pros and cons before signing any contracts or leases.

“I chose to live in a campus affiliated housing property because of the location.  It is a mere ten minute walk to my classes which ensures that transportation is never an issue for me.  It is also much safer to live in this apartment complex and I have never had any issues involving my safety, which is extremely reassuring to myself as well as my parents,” Junior and Cardinal Town resident Morgan Martin said. ”It is a little bit more expensive than some other residential properties, but my safety and the accessibility definitely make up for that!”

Affiliated properties typically run a little more expensive than houses and apartments in Old Louisville and the surrounding areas of campus. However, if your safety is your biggest concern it may be worth the extra $100 dollars or so. Cardinal Towne and the Grove operate on a key fob system that you must have to get into these apartment complexes. In a house or other apartments, you usually do not get this kind of safety and security. Most apartments and houses outside of affiliated properties have street access, rather than hotel style indoor access.

“I chose to move to Old Louisville because it is not only within walking distance to campus, but the scenery on my walk to campus is great,” Junior Joey Schmidt said. “Old Louisville is such a cool place to me. It is cheaper to live in Old Louisville rather than affiliated properties and has been more reliable to me. My rent costs a fourth of the price of the cheapest option Cardinal Town offers and I have never had any problems with my safety. It is a little bit longer of a walk but I don’t mind it at all, especially on nice days.”

Dependent on where you are living in Old Louisville, the properties usually run a bit cheaper than affiliated properties. The decision comes down to just how safe you want to be, how close to campus you want to be, and what you can fit in your budget. As you are making your decision of your next residence, be sure you factor these things into your decision and keep in mind what these fellow students said about their personal living choices. You never want to get in over your head in rent costs and you always want to make sure you feel safe and secure in your home.