Ecarma reminisces on student experience of 1986 National Championship

By on April 14, 2015

By Noah Allison–

“My junior year, we won the National Championship (in men’s basketball).

“After Milt Wagner hit those two free throws, everybody came to U of L’s campus. You’ve got to remember there was no social media then, there weren’t cell phones then, but everybody gravitated to U of L’s campus. And I remember for hours all we did was run around the University like six or seven-year-old kids running around an open playground.

“We didn’t know where we were running to, what we were doing, everybody was just running and screaming. People were climbing up on light poles, anything that could be climbed, someone was climbing it. There’s people on top of trees, buildings, then people are running around buildings, it was chaos! And it was a real commuter school then, there was only five or six dorms at that time, but everyone drove to U of L and started running around and climbing everything.

“It was crazy, we didn’t get home until like three or four in the morning. We got hungry, we got tired, I’m thinking, ‘man, I’ve run around Ekstrom Library twelve times now. I’m hungry!’

“It was a real good time. When my brother got here in 80’ they won the National Championship, then in 82’ Final Four, 83’ Final Four, 86’ National Championship. It was a crazy time. If you didn’t have Louisville in the Final Four in your bracket, then you were an idiot.”

Photo by Austin Lassell / The Louisville Cardinal 

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