Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

Trivia game challenges students for charity

by Nick Pike —

At 6 p.m. on October 15, a crowd of eager participants and spectators clambered into the Red Barn to compete in team-based trivia competitions for Camp Quality, a year-round camp dedicated to serving children afflicted with cancer.

The event was hosted by Honor Students Council, which concerns itself with providing events encouraging honors students to build community.

The competition was structured into six themed rounds of 10 questions. Each question in the first five rounds was worth one point and in the last round, each was worth five. The first question, “What company did Verizon pay an undisclosed amount of money to in order to use the trademarked name ‘droid’ for their phone?” set the night into motion and the teams, seated around tables, listened intently as the quizmaster questioned them on everything from Hall and Oates to Olympians. The speaker was calm and the participants remained politely quiet, using playful banter to cut the silence.

Answers were imbued onto an answer card after the teams quietly, but anxiously, convened. The answers were then collected, scored, tallied and reported after each round. The top three teams were “The Dolly Partons” with 80 points, “The Little Bobs” with 85 points and “Isreali Hot” with 86 points.

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