SGA Brief: Safety committee asks for an extension

By on September 24, 2014

In the two weeks following the safety bulletin from President Ramsey’s office, an SGA committee has been researching the best way to keep students safe on campus. The committee was scheduled to present a formal plan of action regarding safety to the SGA Senate on Tuesday night.

However, the safety committee found that they needed an extension to gather more information.

Chad Lampl, a medical school senator, told the senate that they required more time to gather data. The committee will look at how other universities work with police department to “create a better informed action plan moving forward.”

The senate unanimously approved the extension request. The safety committee will present a formal plan of action at the next SGA Senate meeting on October 21.

The safety committee is composed of elected SGA senators and executive board members. So far they have met twice to discuss both the Health Science and Belknap campuses. They have gathered perspectives from undergraduate and graduate students.

Members of the committee plan to walk through campus on Wednesday evening to identify areas of safety risks.

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Adeline Wilson is a former writer and editor for The Louisville Cardinal. She graduated from U of L in May 2016.

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