Global Warming: Discussion continues

By on September 22, 2014

–Landon Lauder

Most people around campus would say the Earth is warming and we should do something to slow the progression. A lesser amount would know the actual chemicals responsible for the phenomenon. Even fewer would know the scientific community is actually divided on the subject—and that we should stay divided.

Currently, only about 97 percent of scientists and science unions definitively agree with global warming. That leaves quite a small minority of 3 percent who have not reached an agreement. Having been steeped in science my entire life, I personally believe the 3 percent are absurd—or are they?

For a moment, forget about the hawks who are always the first to point out it hits below 70 degrees in the summer and above 60 degrees in the winter, because most likely they do not understand weather patterns. Scientists exist who actually have science and statistics-based reasoning (there is a public record of them on Senate hearings) on why they either cannot yet accept global warming or outright refuse to agree.

Depending on which professor or student you talk to about the subject, each will have their own opinion of whether or not the dissenters actually have true science backing up their statements. But there is a larger argument at stake.

This 97—3 divide is a healthy one. It has not stopped action from being taken by both public and private entities to reduce carbon emissions. Incandescent light bulbs still are being phased out, the Executive Order for coal-fired power plants to reduce emissions is still in effect and companies everywhere are reducing their impact somehow.

In fact, this 97—3 divide can fuel legitimate science.

In order to reach a full 100 percent consensus on global warming, the 97 percent who already do believe in it should continue to conduct substantive research in order to convince the 3 percent and the general public. This can only lead to more scientific discoveries and more data on the issue.

So let the hawks complain they can’t wear their $300 coat to work when it hits 60 degrees in the winter. Politicians can yell at the top of their lungs and present data from oil companies on global warming. Scientists are only concerned about what is happening in the air and the tests they run. No matter what, once more data has been analyzed and presented, more people will agree and start to reverse our infinite actions on this finite Earth.

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