The Louisville Cardinal

Grove holds second town hall meeting, keeps press out.

By Jacob Abrahamson

The Grove, a new apartment complex recently plagued with construction delays, held a second town hall meeting tonight for residents.  Angel Herrera, a representative from Campus Crest, led the meeting.

During the meeting, residents were given updates on construction, and instructions on various security matters, such as locking windows and doors.  The idea for the meetings was given to The Grove by U of L as a part of the solution to move in problems.

Herrera asked the Cardinal to leave the meeting; however, we received a recording of what was said from a resident.  The meeting was advertised through text message to residents of the Grove.  According to Herrera, the meeting was private and only for residents.

“Our meetings are for our residents and their parents.  Especially when discussing safety and security, we have been advised to minimize exposure of our safety and security measures to the broader marketplace,” said Herrera.

Mark Hebert, U of L spokesman, had this to say: “It was a town hall meeting.  They wanted to talk to their residents just like they had previously and that is their call to decide who they let in and who they do not.”