U of L Dental School receives donation

By on September 13, 2014

By Jacob Martin:

Dr. Wayne and Sue Mortenson will donate $5 million, the largest donation in Dental School history, to create an endowed fund for the University’s School of Dentistry. The announcement came August 29.  Funds will go toward projects aimed at keeping pace with changing technologies as well as the development of scholarships for future students.

“The Moretensons have been an integral part of the community and the dental school for many, many years,” said President James Ramsey. “They have a vision to ensure future generations of dentists receive a top-notch education in state-of-the-art facilities.”

After graduating from the University 1979, Mortenson began practicing in Louisville and expanded into locations in Kentucky, Indiana and various other states. Mortenson Family Dental began as a chain of a couple of offices in Louisville but has since expanded to over 40 throughout the Midwest and Southwest.

“Sue and I have felt for the last several years that being able to give back to the school would be a real tribute to what the school has done for our family,” said Mortenson. “I think the opportunity to generously serve, generously give and feel that everything you give comes back to you ten fold has been the way our life has happened. And I’m so grateful for everyone associated with the University.”

The endowment will help to implement new technologies and practices within the dental school. The dental school is proud to give students the ability to take radiographic images using digital sensors and upload those images to clients.

“In addition to expanding and enhancing our curricula and technologies, we are working to enhance and develop scholarships and research, giving our students the chance to be a part of new discoveries with senior researchers,” said Dr. John Sauk, dean of the School of Dentistry.

“The facilities were top notch and my educators, often overwhelmed were always patient and willing to help,” said Weldon Thurman, a 2014 graduate of the School of Dentistry.  “Also, the staff was amazing, and was beyond helpful in many ways. Yes, the building and clinic were top notch, but it was the people that I will remember the most, and will be most grateful for.”

“I know that the school is in good hands, that these great young students are highly motivated,” said Dr. Mortenson. “They’re excited about what they’re doing. And I know the next generation is going to be great.”

Dr. Mortenson illustrates his optimism of UofL students through his words and now his actions.

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