Tue. Jan 22nd, 2019

Interactive: Parking citations at U of L

By Simon Isham–

U of L students, faculty, staff and visitors received more than 17,058 parking citations last year. This means an average of 47 citations were given each day on Belknap campus. The Cardinal obtained data from the Office of University Parking on these citations.

Based on the table of citation fees and penalties at the university, the Cardinal estimates that parking revenues for 2013 were approximately $410,600.

Assistant Director of Parking Administration Gary Becker said that revenue from parking citations is used to pay debts on parking garages, pay for the upkeep of parking facilities and fund shuttle services for students.

The most common type of parking violation was, far and away, failure to display a valid permit. In all, 8,371 of these violations were reported in 2013. Failure to feed parking meters and and incorrect parking permits were the second and third leading causes of parking violations last year, with 2,048 and 1,948 reported cases, respectively.

September, due to the large amount of incoming freshmen and transfer students, is the most common month for parking citations with 2,721 citations administered. January, due to a smaller incoming class, takes second place, with 1,864.

The most common time of day to receive a parking citation was between the hours of 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., with 1,397 tickets administered during this hour last year.

The lot on 3rd and Brandeis, across from Cardinal Towne, was the leading location of parking citations last year, with 1,827 cases reported. To see all cases of parking violations mapped onto Belknap campus, check out the interactive graphic below.

Avoid the mistakes of others: click the fullscreen button below to look at this interactive graphic about the parking situation at U of L. Marker colors indicate predominant lot color. Click on a location to see a picture of that parking lot and learn more about citations that occurred there.

Red: Reserved
Blue: Faculty/Staff
Yellow: Resident
Green: Faculty/Staff/Student
Purple: Commuter
White: Visitor
Black: No Parking
Gray: Meters

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