How to make study abroad dreams a reality

By on May 21, 2014

By Sammie Hill–

Many students come to college with dreams of studying abroad. Incoming freshmen with these hopes can rejoice, for U of L offers numerous opportunities for students to travel abroad. Louisville provides options for semesters abroad, shorter summer trips, service learning experiences and more.

However, in order to incorporate a study abroad trip into their four years spent at U of L, students should start planning early. These trips require careful planning, as many factors play into the successful completion of a study abroad trip. For example, students must find a program that aligns with their interests, their schedules, the classes they need to take, and other variables.

Each semester, U of L holds a study abroad fair in which students can examine the different study abroad options available. This gives students a first look at the program they may want to take part in, and also provides them with valuable information about the trip, including how to apply, application deadlines, requirements or prerequisites, the classes offered during the trip, and more.

Students must also be able to finance this trip, as the cost of studying abroad can be expensive. Thus, students should plan early in order to make study abroad dreams financially realistic.

To finance a study abroad trip, students can take many steps. For example, U of L and the different study abroad programs often offer scholarships. Researching and applying for these can help reduce the overall cost of the trip. Also, students can start saving money early. By consciously putting money aside for traveling abroad, students can save up over time to help pay for this trip.

Students should make every effort to study abroad in college. These trips enrich students’ knowledge of other cultures, facilitate the formation of new friendships, enable students to visit beautiful places, and enhance the overall college experience. Furthermore, these trips allow students to earn college credit for classes taken during the time spent abroad. Many students reflect on their study abroad trips and deem it one of the most meaningful experiences of their lives.

Although the process can seem daunting, U of L provides many resources that help students achieve their goal of studying abroad. Study abroad fairs, academic advisors, U of L’s website and the international center stand as just some of the resources committed to guiding students through this process and making study abroad dreams a realistic and unforgettable experience.

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