Final A&S dean candidate visits campus

By on March 16, 2014

By Kaylee Ratliff–

The College of Arts & Sciences continued its search for the new dean on March 7 as candidate Paul Taylor held an open forum for faculty and staff.

At the forum, he shared his scholarly work and his thoughts on how he feels that he would feel very at home here at the University of Louisville.

Taylor, who is originally from Tennessee. “One of the reasons this opportunity interests me,” Taylor explained, “Is it would be nice to be back in a space that feels like home.”

Taylor is head of the African American Studies Department at Penn State, and currently writing a philosophy book of black aesthetics. He is also working towards his master’s degree in public administration.

“Expanding interdisciplinary activities as a dean of the College of Arts & Sciences is priority,” said Taylor.

Taylor explains how he is intrigued not only by this “abstract space” of which he could potentially occupy, but also “the great work that the people here do.”

“Going from department head to dean,” a faculty member asked, “What do you envision as being significantly different between those two roles and how would you make that transition?”

“The Dean has a greater field of operation and along with that comes more complexity,” answered Taylor. He describes his work as head of the department of African American Studies and how his work in that field will have helped him prepare for such a position as dean. Taylor would take with him the past experience of “navigating in a different field.”

A faculty member asked how Taylor would deal with disagreement over one of his ideas.

“Your question frames an ongoing negotiation. It depends on contextual detail,” Taylor answered. “You have to do fact finding.”

A faculty member asks, “What do you imagine being the most fun part of being dean?”

“It’s nice to go to an award ceremony for someone for doing something good. It would be nice to go to a community event and represent the university.”

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