Mon. Jan 21st, 2019

Engineering expo attracts students to Speed School

By Thwisha Joshi–

Louisville-area students of all ages converged on U of L’s Belknap campus this past Saturday to see what J.B. Speed School is really all about during the annual Engineering Exposition.

The event, which has been happening since the 1920s, features student competitions, undergraduate research projects, lab tours and a keynote speaker from NASA.

“Attendance has grown exponentially, such that the engineering expo is the largest student held event that the general public come on campus to see,” said Alec Serna, a student volunteer.

Serna and volunteer Eric Nelson, hosted the Rube Goldberg competition at the expo, where young students showed how they made simple tasks very complicated. Middle and High School students showed off their work as they used contraptions and combinations of simple machines to press an Easy button.

In addition, there was also an undergraduate student research competition including cash prizes for undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Speed School members also presented science concepts that included freezing an onion in liquid nitrogen, the process of sublimation and building a spoon catapult. These events attracted a large number of elementary and middle school students.

Photo by Thwisha Joshi / The Louisville Cardinal

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