Brief: Ky. Senate passes budget

By on March 28, 2014

By Kaylee Ratliff–

The Kentucky Senate passed their version of the biennial budget on March 24. The Senate version restores some of the funds previously cut to higher education.

“Testimony on the floor indicated that the Senate considered the budget through a lens of a commitment to students and families and the impact of tuition and felt this overall approach was where the money could be best spent,” said Ramsey.

It did not fund Bucks for Brains, because it “would create additional debt to the state,” President Ramsey said in an email to staff. It also cut funding needed for a Belknap classroom building.

The proposed bill would not appropriate funds for the Quality and Charity Care Trust Fund, but “maintains funding for the Trover Campus at Madisonville,” according to Ramsey.

The bill is in the process of returning to the House where it is expected to fail. The conference committee will meet and resolving differences with the House. The final vote is anticipated for March 31.

“We are hopeful that the committee will find a way to restore the proposed funding for Bucks for Brains and allow us to make capital investments on our campus,” said Ramsey.

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