U of L fraternity helps support the troops

By on February 25, 2014

The University of Louisville has been home to many wonderful events, services and different types of charity work. Many students on campus like to get involved in any way they can. One of the latest is Alpha Phi Omega’s “Cards For Troops.” A little bit about Alpha Phi Omega, to those of you who don’t know about them: they are a co-ed service fraternity, and one of their chapters is located on campus.

On Monday, Feb. 24, Alpha Phi Omega held Cards For Troops in the SAC Multipurpose Room. The fraternity hosts this small event several times a year. Usually, it is reserved for members, but club vice-president Jennifer Kluesner explained that they wanted to “include the whole school instead of just their organization.” The process was very simple. The fraternity “adopted” a troop via herobox.org, who they will b e sending care packages to. They’re sending a care package in April and wanted the students of U of L to donate their creativity skills and make cards to send in the package. Students were encouraged to stop by the table–stocked with construction paper and crayons–to make a card with a supportive message for the “adopted” troop.

“This is such a great organization; it gives encouragement to all the troops,” freshman Michael Hawkins said. Hawkins made sure to write his thanks in his card, by calling the actions of the soldiers “selfless.”Sophomore Nicole Thompson was glad to be in on the action: “it’s a quick and easy way to support our troops,” she said while making her card. Kidman, along with a few of her friends, had a fun time making cards for the troops. Freshman Lejla Bilanovic also made a card; “I just wanted to do something nice for the troops since I’m not involved in anything, so making a card was a good way to go,” Bilanovic explained. In the end, she added her colorful cards to the growing pile.

Making cards and sending care packages is an easy way to show your appreciation for the service the troops do for our country. “That’s really nice,” freshman Alex Stewart remarked, nodding towards the Alpha Phi Omega Table. Troops look forward to care packages, and it brings them joy to know that what they’re doing is making a difference (to college kids). If anything, it encourages them to keep doing what they do, to protect the country and it’s people.

Unfortunately, the turnout was on the small side this time around. If you missed this event, but are interested in making cards for the troops, there will be another “Cards For Troops” event hosted by Alpha Phi Omega on Mar. 24. Keep your eyes open, details to come later. 


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