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By on February 13, 2014

By Olivia Krauth–

Five finalists are being considered for the position of the next dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The final five will be spending time on campus within the next month, meeting with committees and holding an open forum for students and faculty to present questions.

According to U of L’s website, the A&S dean “shall be responsible directly to the Executive Vice President and University Provost for the administration and efficient conduct of the educational programs of the College.” They are responsible for creating the college’s budget and yearly report, as well as “acting as the advocate for the College within the University and within the larger community.” The spot is currently filled by interim dean John Ferre, who was not named as one of the finalists.

If you cannot make it to the open forums, have no fear. The Cardinal combed through the finalists’ curriculum vitae to create this cheat sheet to fill you in.

Judith Grant

Education: Ph. D., Rutgers University.
Current position: Chair of Political Science, Ohio University
Research, teaching and presentation topics: Political and social theory, feminist theory, politics and popular culture.
Open forum: Feb. 26 and 27. Time to be determined.

Kimberly Kempf-Leonard

Education: Ph. D. in criminology and criminal law, University of Pennsylvania.
Current position: Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
Research, teaching and presentation topics: Criminal and juvenile justice theory; crime specialization; social control theory; race, ethnicity, and gender.
Open forum: Feb. 24 and 25. Time and location to be determined.

Robin Roberts

Education: Ph. D. in English, University of Pennsylvania.
Current position: Professor of English, University of Arkansas.
Research, teaching and presentation topics: women and gender studies, English, science fiction.
Open forum: Feb. 13.

Paul Taylor

Education: Ph. D. in philosophy, Rutgers University.
Current position: Head of the Department of African American Studies, Pennsylvania State University.
Research, teaching and presentation topics: African American studies, philosophy of race, race theory, aesthetics.
Open forum: Date and time to be determined.

Kecia Thomas

Education: Ph. D. in psychology, Pennsylvania State University.
Current position: Interim associate dean, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, University of Georgia.
Research, teaching and presentation topics: Industrial and organizational psychology, race and gender, diversity readiness and resistance.
Open forum: Feb. 17 at 2:15 p.m. in Chao Auditorium.

Full CVs and itineraries for each candidate can be found at

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