Cheap date ideas around campus

By on February 9, 2014

By Sammie Hill–

As college students, paying for expensive dates is not a very attractive option. However, students still want to enjoy a nice time with their date and make a good impression on their object of desire.

Contrary to many people’s conceptions, a date does not have to be expensive to be fun. There are many inexpensive options around campus that provide fun dates without breaking the bank.

Senor Iguanas

This is my new favorite place. From the chips and salsa to their burritos and nachos, Senor Iguanas provides delicious food for inexpensive prices. The laid back atmosphere facilitates easy conversation, and the tables and booths are spaced far enough apart to give each table a little privacy. For those over 21, they serve drinks such as beer and margaritas, and their menu offers a wide array of food options that will not put a dent in your wallet. The only downfall I have experienced there is the tendency to fill up on chips and salsa before my food comes out, because it is simply so delicious.

Thrift shopping

Increasingly popular since Macklemore’s hit song, thrift shopping can be a fun and inexpensive outing for couples. Looking at the goofy items and searching for clothes that fit your style provides cheap entertainment. Making the short trip to Goodwill or Unique Thrift is a low cost way to have some fun with your date. Plus, you might just find some nice clothes for awesome prices and save a lot of money.


For students interested in art or for anyone who appreciates free entertainment, the 21c museum downtown provides a free art gallery open to the public. The unique and mesmerizing art generates a fun experience and can prompt conversation between you and your date. 21c also contains a restaurant; however, that is a more expensive option.

Iroquois Park

A few miles down Southern Parkway, Iroquois Park is a nearby and beautiful location for a date. When the weather warms up, keep this spot in mind for a low-cost date option. In spring, summer and fall, this park offers a lush landscape and spectacular views of the city. Also visible from certain points are U of L’s campus and Papa John’s Stadium. The natural feel of the park serves as a welcome change from city life, and there are several pretty spots to relax and enjoy the company of your date. For those looking for a more active date, the park offers free Frisbee golf and hiking trails.

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