“Campus Creeper” case closed, no arrests made

By on February 2, 2014

By: Olivia Krauth and Lucas Logsdon–

University police have ended the investigation of the suspicious man who had reportedly been attempting to lure women into his car by asking them for directions. No arrests were made in the case, and no criminal charges were pressed.

“The University of Louisville Police Department has closed the criminal investigation regarding a suspicious person on campus,” said a statement from the University Police Department. “We talked to witnesses as well as the person believed to have approached young women asking for directions.  We could find no evidence of any crime and have closed the case without filing any criminal charges.”

University police initially released a description of the man on Monday. “The subject, described as a tall, thin, white male in his 30s, has been seen driving a white 1990 Volvo. The subject has been reported near Miller Hall, in the parking lot next to Stansbury Park and in the St. James Court area,” the bulletin said. The bulletin noted that police had received a lead via Twitter saying that the man asked someone for directions before trying to pull her into his car.

A person of interest was questioned soon after the description was released. According to Lt. Col. Smith, the subject was released and University police “aren’t going to be pursuing any criminal charges.”

According to witnesses, this man has been on campus prior to this week. One witness said that she was approached in late September or early October.

“My friend and I were walking to our cars from Community Park and we were approached by a Caucasian man with glasses and a goatee, really slim build,” said one female witness, who wished to remain anonymous. She said that the man asked for directions and tried to get her friend lean into his car.

Later that night, she “saw him talking to one of our sorority sisters, asking her for directions to the same residence hall. He proceeded to thank her and tell her that she was pretty. We walked up to her and he drove off.”

“Many of my sisters have claimed that the same thing happened to them, he asked for directions to a residence hall and told them they were pretty,” continued the witness.

The witness said that the man was driving a navy blue Volvo and approached her late in the evening. She stated that she talked to him by The Nest and saw him again by Gray’s Bookstore.

While the case has been closed, students, faculty and campus visitors can notify University police of any incident at (502) 852-6111.


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