Board of Trustees approve new positions

By on February 19, 2014

By Kaylee Ratliff–

U of L’s Board of Trustees approved two new positions this past Thursday. A senior vice president for finance and administration and a vice president for strategy and general counsel will be hired “very soon,” according to President James Ramsey.

The new positions come during a time where departmental embezzlement is still fresh in mind and proposed budget cuts may affect Ramsey’s $389.9 million Driving Economic Growth Projects.

Ramsey discussed the University of Louisville’s Driving Economic Growth Projects that are underway for the Belknap Campus. The estimated budget for construction cost is $389.9 million with 5,211 jobs being generated from these future projects.

One project is the Floyd Street project. A roundabout and rumble strips will be implemented at the intersection of Floyd and Brandeis, helping minimize traffic. According to Ramsey, this project will make drivers more aware that they are driving through campus.

“This project is really good for the campus,” said Ramsey. “It’s good for the appearance of campus, it’s good for economic development and it’s good for safety.”

Other projects include the Speed Museum and its outside piazza, along with the renovated Ulmer Softball Stadium.

Carolyn Callahan, the new dean of the College of Business, was also introduced to the Board during the meeting.

“My overriding goal is to really serve the business students,” said Callahan. “I believe we serve our business students best by giving them a competitive advantage in the job market. It’s really quite that simple.”

She spoke about language emersion programs where five top business students are participating in to help gain that advantage. Callahan’s goal is to have this emersion program within the College of Business itself.

Callahan says that advantages like these programs “put us up front as a business school.”


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