Best chocolates for Valentine’s Day

By on February 9, 2014

By Sammie Hill–

Chocolates stand as a staple of Valentine’s Day. Often seen as the ideal gift for women, these treats can also be an excellent gift for men. With such a wide array of options out there, it is sometimes difficult to determine which chocolate is the best gift idea for your significant other. Hopefully this article will help break down the options and help you determine which chocolate to purchase for the special person in your life this Valentine’s Day.


For me, Hershey’s is the classic chocolate. However, for Valentine’s Day, I would suggest getting your significant other something a little different. People can grab a Hershey’s bar any day of the year. Valentine’s Day chocolate should be a little different, at least in my opinion.

If your significant other is a big Hershey’s fan, though, many grocery stores offer giant Hershey kisses for Valentine’s Day, which is a fun gift for any man or woman to receive.


Reese’s is often overlooked in discussions of Valentine’s Day chocolates. However, Reese’s offers heart-shaped candies as well as assorted treats in heart-shaped packages for the holiday. Although this is not strictly chocolate, Reese’s is a different option for Valentine’s Day, and this candy is always a delicious and welcome treat. Any fan of the peanut butter and chocolate combination will love receiving a Reese’s treat for Valentine’s Day.

Russell Stover

Russell Stover offers a wide assortment of chocolates, usually in packages shaped like a heart. How adorable! These chocolates are high quality and a gift sure to be appreciated by any woman—or man—on Valentine’s Day.

However, I am boring and a fan of plain chocolate; thus, the occasional raspberry-filled or coconut-infused chocolate bite is a somewhat unwelcome surprise. If variety is your thing, however, then this is the chocolate brand for you.


Godiva chocolate stands as the best chocolate out there. Hands down. The rich flavor and soft texture combines to produce immensely satisfying chocolate. The high quality of the chocolate is obvious, as it seems to melt in your mouth into a savory explosion of perfection. If you want to impress your lady or make your man feel extra special this Valentine’s Day, splurge on some Godiva chocolate. It’s worth it.

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