The Louisville Cardinal

Will the football offensive staff stay the same?

By Ginny Washbish–

Only the strong will survive. Clearly that statement doesn’t apply to the current football offensive staff at the University of Louisville. Looks like you can have an impeccable resume and still be replaced.

Since last Tuesday, the offensive graduate assistants have known their jobs could be up for grabs when Coach Petrino announces his coaching staff. All of our offensive graduate assistants have had a strong run: a Sugar bowl victory; a Russell athletic bowl victory against an ACC opponent, Miami; and maintaining a record of 23-3 for the past two seasons.

On Thursday, it was rumored that staff changes were already occurring, with the possibility of Garrick McGee becoming offensive coordinator. When asking Rocco Gasparro, Athletic Assoc in VPA-Football, about the possible changes, Gasparro said, “Coach Petrino has not officially hired any staff members. There will be an announcement once he makes his decision.”

Kenny Klein, Assoc Ath Dir in VPA-Support Services, could not be reached for comment.

With only a five day notice of possible termination, it’s hard not for the graduate assistants to express anger and disappointment. And with gossip circulating that Petrino is likely not welcoming the current offensive staff to his own, positive results are hard to imagine.