U of L and faith: Sophomore Morgan King

By on November 26, 2013

By Lynnsey McGraw–

Meet Morgan King. She is a sophomore at the University of Louisville, majoring in Nursing and minoring in Spanish. Living the very busy life of a college student along with having a job, she still finds time to have faith and grow in Christianity.

Does faith affect her academic life?

“My religion and desire to help others and be like God directed me to choose Nursing as a major, but I don’t feel like it directly affects other aspects of academics,” King said.

How about being faithful and being part of a sorority and other community groups?

“I am in the sorority Pi Beta Phi,” King revealed. “I am open with my sisters about being a Christian and some of our values and traditions are based in Christianity, but we have people of a variety of faiths and we accept each other and respect each other no matter what we believe.”

King is also involved with the best buddies program and habitat for humanity group here on campus.

Apart from the sorority, how does she interact with the rest of the university’s population? Does being a Christian affect her social life?

“Yes, being a Christian affects my social life,” she said. “I chose to associate with people who have similar beliefs and want the same things out of life and eternity that I do because we have more to talk about and we want to encourage each other and we enjoy similar activities. However, I do not shun others with different beliefs because God tells us to love everyone. I also enjoy community service events and things to help others instead of just partying all of the time like many people do.”

Does she feel other students try to hide their religion because of judgement?

“I feel that people are usually fairly open with their religion due to our ever-accepting society, but there are definitely some who hide their views, or at least aren’t very open with them, due to fear of judgment. Many people do have preconceived notions of ‘atheists,’ ‘Christians’ or ‘Jews.’ Although we are making strides forward, there are lingering stereotypes and some people are afraid others will lump them into a group instead of respecting them as an individual.”


Photo by Sasha Perez/The Louisville Cardinal

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