Thief caught on campus

By on November 27, 2013

By: Olivia Krauth

U of L Campus Police caught a man attempting to steal a student’s backpack in the SAC this past Tuesday Nov. 19. The man had been known for successfully stealing a laptop from Bellarmine University earlier this semester.

Lee Willis had allegedly stolen a backpack when a U of L employee noticed and told a nearby member of Campus Police. When Willis was caught, police discovered that he was wanted by police.

“He had about ten warrants out on him all together, and he was wanted for similar thefts in Louisville, including Bellarmine,” said investigator Jeffrey Jewell. Willis was also on parole when he was arrested at U of L.

When Willis had stolen a laptop from an unlocked office at Bellarmine University earlier this year, Bellarmine’s Director of Public Safety Joseph Frye sent Louisville Metro Police and surrounding universities surveillance camera footage in order to help catch Willis.

“He was a frequent visitor looking for items to steal,” said Jewell when asked about Willis’ connection to the university. Jewell noted that Willis said in his interview that U of L students were easy targets because they leave their things unattended.


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