The BCUP Voices Challenge: Final on Monday

By on November 15, 2013

By: Thomas Dahlia

The singing contest hosted by BCUP, where four men competed last Monday and five girls last Thursday, is now on its final stretch.

The first round is over and now five finalists remain.

Jake Schultz and Jordan Kelly made it to the final for the men.  Tatiyana Dean, Audrey Manis and A’Marie Rust won on the women’s side. They all have overcome their opponents and will have a final confrontation on Monday.

The prize: 500 dollars and a trophy for the winner.

The five finalists have already been awarded with audio beats, a great luxury for these young amateur singers.

The second annual BCUP Voices Challenge is expecting a huge audience at The Avenue, next to Bettie Johnson, Monday 17th at 8pm. Free entrance, lots of fun, and great music are guaranteed.

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