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By on October 9, 2013

By: Howard Stikes

Since 2003, U of L has bannered 75 Fulbright scholars — more than all of the institutions in the state combined.

According to Dr. Patricia Condon, director of national and international scholarships, highly motivated students are partnered with faculty and staff members early in their academic careers.

“(A Fulbright) is a highly competitive national prize exemplifying academic excellence,” said Condon. ‘Excellence in the same light and manner that national championships for basketball teams are recognized.”

The field is much larger than the sixty-five teams picked on Selection Sunday, competing for the coveted title of NCAA champion. All four year universities and colleges are eligible to have students apply. Since Condon’s arrival at U of L, the university has achieved one of the highest winning percentages for eligible candidates.

Emily Maiden, a U of L alumna, was a Fulbright candidate. Her experience and knowledge of the processes that candidates must go through has enhanced the university’s competitive edge.

Maiden said that the awards are for students, teachers and researchers beginning after the senior year. To be eligible to apply, a student must have a bachelor’s degree or apply under the pretense that a degree will be conferred by the time the grant begins.

Condon said she attributes the number of Fulbright awards to the dedication and hard work of the students, along with the faculty and staff. Their drive to succeed will continue to keep U of L listed and recognized as a prestigious academic institution.

Maiden said, “To be a winner of such a prestigious award you have to be focused.”

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