The return of Asia Taylor

By on September 19, 2013

By Bria Smith


One of any athlete’s biggest fear is getting injured and not being able to play the

sport in which they love. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to former

starting forward Asia Taylor of the Louisville Women’s Basketball Team last season.

“I mean at first it was extremely hard to deal with because you never actually think

you would be the one to get injured and have to sit out,” said Asia also known as

ATayy by her teammates. “It was a real big test for me that showed me what I truly


Asia Taylor had torn the labrum in her left hip before the 2012-2013 basketball

season had started. The two options she felt she had after hearing the bad news was

either to give up on her dreams or to work harder then she ever had to work before

to get back on the court.

“One of the biggest challenges for me through out the season wasn’t all the

strenuous treatment and rehabbing, it was having to just sit watch each game and

knowing how bad I wanted to be out there helping my team succeed.”

But with the challenges that this Lady Card faced she quickly started to think of

them more as learning experiences to better herself on and off the court.

Now after sitting out a whole year and watching her team play she is finally ready to

return to court.

“This whole experience I went through just prepared me and proved to me how

much I love this game of basketball. I’m just really looking forwarded to finally

getting out there with my jersey on once again and playing my senior year with my


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