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U of L’s campus is no place for UK colors

By Shoni Schimmel–

Being a Cardinal fan here in Louisville is something a lot of people take pride in. Especially if you live in the city of Louisville, attended the University of Louisville, and, better yet, grew up bleeding red because it was the only way to go. Cardinal fans get the privilege of watching the Cards and just simply falling in love with the way they play the game.

The fan base here in Louisville is at the top of the top in attendance and not just from the students, but also from fans of every age, young and old. It’s amazing to see all the fans no matter where you go, to see the support everyone has for the Cards.

Then you have some people who just are just color-blind and wear the color blue on an all red campus with Cardinals everywhere. With this, it is one thing that I have never really quite understood. Maybe they’re just lost? Maybe they took the wrong exit to get to school, or just have that much pride for the University of Kentucky.

Regardless, the question is to remain unanswered. I would love to figure it out one day, mainly because, coming from out of state, you don’t understand the rivalry between the two until you are apart of it, off the field or on it. It’s like choosing between Boston Red Socks and the Yankees. When you grow up in the northeast you are either a Boston fan or a Yankee fan there was no in between and when it came to that game it was like every one was out for blood.

The rivalry is the same here in Kentucky; you’re either a Cards fan or a Cats fan. The choice is yours. But if you attend the University of Louisville, I suggest you choose the correct color to wear around campus, because that blue sticks out like a sore thumb.



One thought on “U of L’s campus is no place for UK colors”

  1. I for one am neither color blind nor am lost. Your article characterizes anyone who doesn’t conform to wearing yet another red t-shirt or sweat shirt or sweater sound as if they are missing brain cells rather than expressing their individualism. The University of Louisville does not require students to wear uniforms. The last time I checked there was barely a dress code judging from how little clothing some people decide to wear at all, regardless of the weather.
    Personally I like the color blue. It looks good on me. I also like the colors white, grey, and occasionally a burnt umber. I’m also fond of plaids. In your opinion does this mean I shouldn’t go to school at Louisville? Should I perhaps search for a school whose colors more closely match my personal color palate?
    It may seem odd to you, but I chose the University of Louisville, not for the popularity of its sports program, but for its convenient location close to my new home and for its educational credentials. Weird, huh, that someone would come to school solely to seek a valuable education and not scream themselves hoarse at whatever game happens to be going on.
    And finally, speaking as someone who spent twenty-one years growing up in Southern New England smack dab in the middle of New York and Boston, you can in fact choose to be neither a Yankee’s fan nor a Red Sox fan. You can also choose to pick up a book and pay a little more attention to your major and a little less to what the rest of your peers are wearing.
    Say hello if you see me on campus. I’ll be the guy in the blue cashmere sweater.
    Chad White

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