The Louisville Cardinal revamps in order to better serve students

By on August 29, 2013

By Sammie Hill–
The University of Louisville student body always embraces the first week of school with enthusiasm, and the Louisville Cardinal offers students even more of a reason to become excited about the upcoming year.
The Louisville Cardinal has revamped and reinvented itself in order to better suit the student body’s needs.

By increasing the multimedia element of the Cardinal, U of L’s student newspaper has transformed into far more than just a weekly paper. While still producing a weekly issue of the newspaper in print, the Cardinal plans to better utilize online videos, photos, stories, and social media in order to keep students up to date and engaged in the events surrounding U of L.
The Cardinal’s goal is to better involve the students of this university, while serving as a platform to address issues affecting U of L and to let student voices be heard. The Cardinal will aim to cover events relevant to the university, provide students with information that is of interest to them, showcase the opinions of the student body, and adapt to the changing world of journalism to effectively meet the needs of our audience.
On behalf of the Louisville Cardinal, we are excited to serve the student body this year. We hope to be an engaging, helpful, and current source of information that enhances the experience of U of L students. We will strive to provide breaking news and interesting features to our fellow students, while generating thrilling sports stories and an open dialogue of student opinions.
The Cardinal encourages students to utilize this resource to allow their own voices to be heard. The newspaper stands as a great way to get involved at U of L, a learning experience and resume builder for those interested in journalism as a career, a fun hobby for those who enjoy writing, an outlet for those wanting to express their opinions, and more.
We hope that the new Louisville Cardinal will be a celebration of our university as well as an accessible source of breaking news, investigative reporting, important features, student voices, and coverage of our distinguished athletic teams.
The Cardinal wishes the University of Louisville student body a great first week of school.

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