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By on February 20, 2013

By Aimee Jewell–

Against the Grain is the only brewer-owned brewery in Louisville.

With the city of Louisville having more local pride than ever, many bluegrass breweries have seen a boom in their businesses. Located all across Kentuckiana, tap houses such as Against the Grain, Bluegrass Brewing Company, and Cumberland Brews are excited about the growing beer-brewing culture.

Against the Grain, located at 401 Main Street, inside Louisville Slugger Field, has been in business for roughly a year and a half. Widely known for their delectable barbeque sandwich and their array of brewed beer, Against the Grain is the only brewer-owned brewery in Louisville.

Adam Watson, the owner and head brewer of Against the Grain, thinks of beer brewing as a type of art. “I think the most unique thing [about our brewing process] is that we don’t have flagships or staples,” Watson explains. “We don’t really have singular beers that we brew over and over again, […] we have a constantly changing array of beers, to keep ourselves entertained, but that usually keeps others entertained too.”

Currently offering brews named “Schfifty 5 Scent,” “Pepperation H,” and “Munichaulay Dunkulkin,” Against the Grain’s beer titles are as unique as their beer selection.

Located a few blocks down Main, on the corner of Main Street and 3rd Street is Bluegrass Brewing Company. Bluegrass Brewing Company, or BBC as they are widely known across Louisville, has three separate locations in Louisville.

Their two in-house breweries are located in their Saint Matthews location, as well as in their 3rd Street restaurant. The third Bluegrass Brewing Company restaurant is located across from The Palace on 4th Street in Downtown Louisville, but does not partake in in-house brewing and is supplied with their beer selection from the other two BBC locations.

Bluegrass Brewing Company’s brews don’t have crafty names, but their taste is different than what you might find elsewhere.

“The APA, American Pale Ale, is probably our most popular,” said Brian Cox, one of the brewers from Bluegrass Brewing Company. “Our Summer Wheat is up there too because it’s got a large hop presence, a nice malt presence, and it’s very drinkable. It’s got a character of it’s own.”

And lastly, found at 1576 Bardstown Road, is Cumberland Brews. Opened in 2000, Cumberland Brews truly believes in connecting with the local community, Head Brewer Cameron Fennis detailed. Their on-tap selection often rotates between traditional and specialty brews, making the experience unique for the customer, while still offering old favorites.

And though many might speculate that the brewery scene within Louisville is somewhat competitive, it turns out that is not the case.

“Louisville’s probably got the strongest beer scene in the state,” Cox describes. “We’ve got several little breweries and a good working relationship with one another so that we can all produce good beer.”

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