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By on February 13, 2013

By Laura Azahar–

Namaste U of L students — the day of love and affection is not just for couples. Students can show some love for themselves by participating in a heart healthy exercise on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Health Promotions is offering free yoga classes for all U of L students every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. in Cardinal Towne. Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year; yoga as a valentine to oneself is not only good physically, but also psychologically.

Abby Mudd is the instructor for the Tuesday and Thursday yoga classes in Cardinal Towne. She said that the top five benefits of doing yoga are detoxification, weight loss, toning, strength building and mind clearing. “You are only one workout away from being in a better mood,” Mudd said, “The hardest part is just getting to the studio.”

Whitley Dierig is a senior Sports Administration student at U of L. She attended the class on Thursday, Feb. 7, and she is planning on returning for the classes the coming week. “Building flexibility is great, and it definitely relieves a lot of stress,” she said. Dierig is single, but attended the class with her roommate who was the one who invited her to go.

“It’s almost like a massage,” Sagar Patagundi junior Communications major at U of L said, “Yoga makes your blood flow, which relaxes you in return.” He will also be single for Valentine’s Day, but he said he will be spending it sleeping, eating, working and is considering yoga.

With the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, it is easy to feel hatred or sadness if you do not have someone special to share the day with. The media has come to present a day which should be about happiness and love as a depressing stay at home day for those who do not have a significant other.

Professor of Communications, Siobhan E. Smith, teaches a course on mass media and said that some media idealizes Valentine’s Day only in the form of romantic love, but that young singles should not fret at the thought of being single on this date.

“What I would say to all those singles that say, ‘I’m just going to sit at home and bum out,’ don’t do that!” Smith said, “Because the media also shows us that we can have a great time going out with friends or going and getting something to eat. Go and have a good time. Don’t just sit and mope around at home. Be your own Valentine.”

Instead of buying a pint of ice cream and watching “The Notebook,” why not try yoga instead? The sweet treats will feel good at first but will make a person tired afterwards, and the box of tissues for the movie is just killing trees. On a day where love and affection should be demonstrated, a single man or woman also deserves to give themselves a pampered treat, and yoga might just be the perfect valentine’s.

Professor of Communications, Christine Steineck, teaches an interpersonal communications class, she said that couples are not better off than singles on Valentine’s Day because of the high expectations of partners to create a fairytale. The chocolates, roses, romantic dinner, and even the night in bed are expected to be the best in the year.

An important characteristic singles should have especially on Valentine’s Day is high self-esteem. “Generally if your self-esteem is higher, you’re less concerned about being in a relationship. It’s a very broad generalization, but for the most part if your self-esteem is higher, you are happier with yourself,” Steineck said. “And so you are not defining yourself quite so much by what other people are doing for you or saying to you or about you.”

If a break-up just happened and it feels like the world is caving in, do not miss a sweetheart, make the only heart that matters content. Health Promotions at U of L is giving students the opportunity to feel better about themselves by doing yoga. Keeping a healthy heart and mind will make a chocolateless and flowerless day better.

Students that need an activity for Feb. 14 can participate in the yoga class at no cost — all that is required is yoga mat or a large towel. Treat yourself to a valentine’s of a yoga mat; Target has them for $20.  It is the day of love and affection, so say “I love you” to your inner self.


No date this year?

Whether you have a date or not, enjoy February 14.


Not into yoga? Spend some time alone or with a friend this Valentine’s Day at one of these campus events – these four events are not couple-mandatory and can give you great one-on-one time with a friend or yourself.

For couples, look for low-key restaurants (White Castle has a yearly Valentine’s Day dinner – reservations required).

On a budget? The new walking bridge is now open! Take a romantic stroll and pack dinner and hot cocoa. Or settle in for a night of Netflix and spaghetti dinner (maximum cost: $5).

Nate Siler, trombonist, performs 8 p.m.
Comstock Hall, School of Music

“Beautiful Creatures”
Opens 2/14 in Louisville

“Vagina Monologues” Opening Night 7 p.m.
Playhouse Theater ($8 for students)

Men’s Basketball vs. St Johns 9 p.m.
KFC Yum! Center

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Photos by Xavier Bleuel/The Louisville Cardinal

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