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U of L KNODE partnership opens social networking to scientists

By Rae Hodge —

News Brief

Connecting with expert scientists around the world just got easier for students and faculty at the University of Louisville.

U of L has announced a digital partnership with KNODE Inc., a cloud-based platform that aggregates publicly available scientific content into a school-specific searchable form.

“KNODE provides us a single, searchable gateway to our world-class life sciences faculty and researchers for collaborators in both industry and academia,” said U of L’s Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation William Pierce in a release from the university.

The same release states that KNODE also “formed partnerships with AstraZeneca” and “KNODE is part of Enlight Biosciences LLC, which was created by PureTech Ventures in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies and academic supporters.”

To explore KNODE, users can register at and, under registration type, select “KNODE access via the University of Louisville portal”. After recieving a confirmation email, users can log in at The site features individual user profiles that can be edited to include tag clouds, information about expertise, and current research work.

While users can opt out of KNODE inclusion, U of L’s official site notes that due to the fact that KNODE aggregates public data, some user profile information may still be available on KNODE even after opting out.


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