Windows in the SAC currently pose a safety hazard

By on November 13, 2012

By Val Servino–

Stickers are located on many of the windows in the SAC to stop people from leaning against the possibly dangerous windows.

In recent weeks, the windows in the Student Activities Center have been decorated with all manner of Homecoming and Halloween trimmings. Most notable, however, are the yellow safety hazard signs that now don almost every window, warning University students and staff not to lean on the storefront window system, as there is “potential risk of window failure.”

Anyone familiar with the SAC has seen the large windows of the multi-purpose room on the second floor. These are some of the windows with stickers that warn of failure, as well as the windows on the tunnel that goes over the train tracks and the windows of various other parts of the building. These windows will have to undergo major changes to become safe. The University of Louisville Contract Administration and Procurement Services Department of Purchasing released a bid on September 17th to find a contractor to fix the windows. The bid read the windows in the SAC will “have the plastic clips replaced, new gaskets installed, be re-centered in their framing opening, etc. …certain existing window glazing panels shall be replaced due to failure of the seals.”

The bid was awarded to Koch Corporation on October 18th. The Louisville-based company is currently working on projects at Des Moines City Hall in Iowa, the West Virginia Capitol Complex, and the Hato Rey Federal Complex in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In Iowa and West Virginia, Koch installed energy efficient windows as well as abated asbestos due to the age of the Des Moines building. Blast and hurricane resistant windows were installed in Puerto Rico. The start date on the actual project has not yet been determined.

“It’s good that they’re actually taking an active role in fixing it instead of waiting for it to become a problem,” said sophomore Actuarial Science major Jeremy Leick. With stickers to warn students and a plan to fix them underway, U of L has taken control of situation, and after the project is completed students will be able to lean on any window without fear of falling out of the building.

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Photos: Val Servino/The Louisville Cardinal


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