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By on November 8, 2012


– Cardinal football held strong throughout the week, remaining undefeated at 9-0.

– “Elect Her — Campus Women Win” workshop and conference announced which strive to train young women for positions of political power. Righteous.

– “Supporting Autism 24/7” is a series of workshops that combine autism specialists of the Kentucky Autism Training Center at the University of Louisville with new parents of autistic children to create a more positive environment at home.

– U of L stays on the sustainable side by hosting the Bluegrass Bioneers Conference, now in its fourth year, on Nov. 2 to the 4th.


– The tragic bus crash in Carroll County may not have been a University of Louisville incident, but our collective hearts go out to those lives affected by this accident.

– A chemical spill on Dixie Highway, dangerous enough to warrant a Hazmat 3 status, is still in cleanup and containment stages. So far, we have no word from any U of L students who live on Dixie.

– Campus is still silent about the shutdown of our only radio station. The lack of outcry is a bad sign for those of us in the communications business.

– Apparently, Lil B The Based God made an appearance at the American Turners Club on River Road on Sept. 29, and Louisville somehow missed the opportunity for a million great jokes at his expense.

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