Taylor Swift loves Papa John

By on October 30, 2012

By Michelle Eigenheer–

Taylor Swift’s new album, “Red”, hit stands last week to the joy of fan girls across the world. Who else experienced Taylor’s newest project? People who order pizza.

Taylor Swift partnered with Papa John’s in order to let fans of the country-turned-pop crossover order their copies of “Red” and have it delivered straight to their door –with a large 1-topping pizza – for just $22, plus tip.

I can’t even imagine what kind of PR campaign thought, “Hey, people who love pizza must love Taylor Swift.” It’s kind of ridiculous. While I’m a fan of “Fearless”, and can definitely sing along with the uncomfortably catchy “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” I don’t think I would want to order a cd with my grease-covered pepperoni pizza. That’s just not appealing. Most of me says that this was a horrible idea.

But a tiny part of me thinks that this is genius.

What if no one ever had to go to another RedBox? Or stand in line for the midnight release of the next “Hunger Games” DVD? Instead, it could be ordered over the phone and brought to your door, with pizza, for your screening pleasure. Video games, too, could fall into this new marketing strategy.

Just think how fast Jimmy John’s could get the new Assassin’s Creed to your door – with a delicious sandwich and drink, too.

Maybe, someday, other things could be delivered. If I were to run out of shampoo and didn’t feel like going to the store, maybe I could just order some Chinese food and have them pick it up on the way.

Okay, so the whole thing is a little ridiculous, but we live in a society where this isn’t even at all surprising. “Instant gratification” is the motto of the U.S. and “lazy” doesn’t begin to describe the attitude of the majority.

Who knows what Papa John’s will start delivering next.

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