Rallying the forces: College Democrats double down in an effort to keep their party in office

By on October 16, 2012

By Genevieve Mills–

With a presidential election in less than a month, many people have been thinking about politics more than they usually do. For some, political parties are something they really only think about when elections roll around. For others, politics are an important part of their everyday life. The students in the University of Louisville’s College Democrats club are just such people.

The College Democrats at U of L are currently working on rebuilding their club; at their first meeting, they had 15 people. Nikki Turner, a senior with a political science and economics double major, and the president of the club said, “The primary focus of the club currently is to elect and re-elect Democrats to public offices, since we are in a big election year… I am hoping to keep the club engaged and active beyond the election.”

The College Democrats try to stay active on campus as well as off, often working closely with the Kentucky Young Democrats organization. This organization has chapters across the state; U of L’s College Democrats is one of those chapters. According to the preamble of their charter, KYD’s goal is to “stimulate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs and promote their involvement in the political process.”

Just last Thursday, all eyes were on Kentucky’s Centre College for the vice-presidential debate, and KYD invited their members to drive to Danville and show their support for Vice President Biden. In 2011, the political action was much closer to home, as Louisville was host to the National Young Democrats of America Convention, which took place at the Galt House in downtown Louisville. Of this, Turner said, “That was huge because people came from across the country to a typically red state for a Democratic convention.”

The club is working with the College Republicans club and SAB for an event on Oct. 29th. As part of the “Livin’ the American Dream Series,” the Red Barn will host a discussion between representatives of both the College Democrats and the Republicans. For those who don’t live in Louisville, there will be a place to cast absentee ballots for the 2012 Presidential Election. According to SAB’s schedule you can enjoy, “food and music that embrace the American Culture” at this event from 11am-3pm. The club also has plans for canvassing, even trying to get their members as far as Ohio.

“If you are ready to help our elected and soon-to-be elected officials, learn about the campaign process and have some fun along the way, then you should join!” said Turner.

Meeting dates and debate times have not been set, but for more information email the club at [email protected]

[email protected]

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