College Republicans join in the fight for the upcoming election

By on October 16, 2012

By Tyler Mercer–

The University of Louisville College Republicans RSO, the self-proclaimed “Best Party on Campus,” has had a very busy year while preparing for the upcoming election. Working hard to promote the Republican way of thinking, the College Republicans are attempting to reach not only students here at U of L, but all voters in the Louisville community and the Commonwealth.

During Conservative Week this year, the College Republicans were very proud to be able to register a great deal of new voters before the election. The College Republicans were able to get an employee from the Jefferson County Clerk’s office to come during lunch hour on Sep. 6 to help get people registered.

During that week, the College Republicans hosted a visit by U.S. Senator Rand Paul last month. “For four days, we held events in which we endeavored to demonstrate conservative values and spread our message in some tangible way. Sen. Paul’s visit was the keynote event,” said Byron Fisher, Chairman of the College Republicans, “The College Republicans are incredibly proud of hosting Sen. Paul, and we are proud of how C-Week turned out.”

“Conservative Week was the organization’s way of bonding our membership before the election season picks up steam and to have a pro-active role in spreading the conservative message on campus, spur more political activism and active citizenship,” said Lloyd Fowler, External Vice Chairman of the College Republicans.

With the election getting closer every day, the College Republicans have not slowed in their drive to promote conservative ideas. Utilizing Facebook, the College Republicans keep followers interested and informed by posting about the goings-on of the political world.  The College Republicans have encouraged those who see their posts to be aware of what is happening with the election by posting reminders of debates and inviting people to join them in a door-to-door campaign.

The U of L College Republicans meet bi-weekly on Wednesday nights at 6pm in Ekstrom Library, room W104.

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