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U of L policy changes freshmen housing options

Miller Hall is one of three dorms on campus that provides housing exclusively to freshmen.

By Genevieve Mills–

The freshmen on campus are now almost a month into their first semester at U of L and are the first group who have been required to live on campus by the new housing policy. According to the housing website, by this policy, “all U of L first-year students under 21 are required to live on campus, unless living at home with a parent or guardian.

For some freshmen, this new policy made no difference in their housing plans. When asked if the new housing policy affected his decision, Justin Sierkowski, a freshman music major said, “I would have lived on campus regardless.” Sierkowski lives at Community Park, one of the suite-style dorms located on campus. He said he liked living on campus because, “I enjoy being close to everything and always knowing about cool events.”

According to the housing website, the policy has been implemented because freshmen who live on campus tend to finish their degree at the university more than those who live off campus. This isn’t a belief held only by U of L, as almost every state school in Kentucky requires students to live on campus their first year – UK is the only exception.

The freshmen that choose to live off-campus often do so because of financial reasons. Alex Cooper, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, lived at home last year. “I lived off campus because it was just cheaper to do so . . . I would again because, though I used more gas, I saved a lot of money,” said Cooper.

Miller Hall, one of three freshmen-only dorms, is $3,785 including the required meal plan, for one semester. The other two freshmen-only dorms are Unitas Tower and Center Hall. Center Hall, located on the west side of campus, became a freshmen-only dorm this fall.

The problem some students have with the new policy is that the university is restricting their choices.  Cooper said,  “I don’t think it affects that many people, really, because most freshman either live on campus or with their parents. But I think you should be able to live wherever you want.”
Photo: Austin Lassell/The Louisville Cardinal