Lotus prepares to flower over Louisville

By on September 18, 2012

By Anna Meany–

On Sept. 24, instrumental band Lotus will take the stage at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville. It’s not the group’s first time in the area, having played at Headliners once before and toured also in Lexington.

I caught up with Luke Miller via phone last week to discuss the history of Lotus.
Formed at Goshen College in Indiana, Miller said that the band “really hit the scene” in 2003. The band has evolved to include Mike Greenfield, Luke Miller, Jesse Miller, Mike Rempel, and with the addition of Chuck Morris in 200,1 the band stuck to instrumental music.

It’s hard to describe the exact style of Lotus. They utilize both traditional instruments, but manipulate synthesizers and electronic devices.  WTMD radio of Towson University reported that Jesse Miller said their style comes “from the roots of rock and roll mixed with electronic beats that are popular today” and claims they experimented before deciding on anything permanent.

Even as we’re talking, Miller is playing a soothing, improvisational guitar riff in the background; it’s no wonder that the band has been playing music for 13 years. For true artists, creativity comes at all hours.

When I asked Miller what he thought about being called a “multi-genre band” in online articles, he called that an easier way to say their style is simply Lotus. “We don’t play a jazz song and a bluegrass song and then a punk song – we play what we play. It’s a sound that no one else really has.”

Maybe the coolest thing about Lotus is their knack for putting on a creative live show. A few Google searches will prove very interesting to Lotus fans – members dressed as different David Bowie characters and covered the singer’s music for an October 2009 Halloween show. Lotus even performed a themed show in which every member dressed up as a musician from the infamous 27 Club – a group of musicians who died prematurely at age 27. Miller said that Lotus does it to give their audience a “special concert and make it a little different than what we normally do.” He said his favorite show was dubbed the “The Greatest Riffs in Rock Music”. “We incorporated catchy riffs through the years and melded them into our songs” Miller explains.

And they’re absolutely warriors. They’ve “been on the road for nine years playing 90 shows a year.” Miller also commented that they prefer the “grass roots method.” They’re serious about keeping their publicity low-key and focusing on the music. “We’re real people playing real instruments and real music, and we’ve built it by talent and effort.”

Opening for Lotus is Cincinnati-based band, Freekbot. General admission tickets can be purchased for $18 at Headliners, located at 1386 Lexington Road in Louisville, or online at www.headlinerslouisville.com.

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