Don’t step on my cardinal bird

By on September 18, 2012

By Noah Allison–

The student population at U of L can easily be broken up into two groups; there are the students who are appreciative of all the opportunities the University of Louisville is presenting to them. They respect what the university represents and are proud to say that they are apart of a higher place of learning that prepares its students to not only improve themselves, but to improve the world.

Then, there is the other branch of the student population, those who choose to go against the grain, and by doing so feel the need to disrespect the university that only wishes to better them. They are only passing their time here and being a Cardinal means nothing more to them than if they were a Hoosier, a Panther or God forbid a Wildcat. There is only one way to decipher who is who amongst all these students, and it’s pretty easy: simply notice who walks around the Cardinal Bird and who tromps all over it.

Students here should be proud to be a part of such a school, to give back after all that is contributed to their lives, to support the teams and rep it big. Either get with the program or transfer down the road to Lexington, KY.

“Its about respect, and honoring the commitment that you’ve made to this university,” Unitas Hall President Sam Draut said.

Action must be taken against those who openly disrespect the bird in front of so many impassioned Cardinals. It is up to the Cardinal Strong that make up this student populous to defend the rights of the bird and traditions of the school.

For those who’ve looked down to see the Cardinal beneath your feet, have no fear. Your soul is not yet condemned, but following the correct and righteous path of Card nation is the only way to redeem your crimes against the Cardinal.

For those who refuse to just take the few extra steps required to walk around the bird, know that you are tampering with powers you know nothing about. When other worldly forces start to dampen your life, know that there was an easy way out, that you refused to take.

Photo: Val Servino/The Louisville Cardinal

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