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By on May 3, 2012

By Ben Nance–

Waterfront Wednesdays

If you enjoy music festivals but don’t like paying for them, then check out this event which takes place every Wednesday evening in Waterfront Park. It’s located on the edge of downtown, surrounded by all sorts of other cool places to check out. Officially kicked off on April 25, Waterfront Wednesdays will be a great way to experience the fun of a music festival, but on a smaller, more cost-efficient scale. When it comes to summer leisure in Louisville, it doesn’t get much better than enjoying a free concert with friends on the comfort of the Harbor Lawn. The next Waterfront Wednesday is on May 30th, featuring The Elders, Joseph Arthur and Vessell.

Fright Night Film Festival

If you’re into horror movies, then this is the summer event for you. Taking place over the June 29th-July 1st weekend at the Galt House Hotel and Convention Center, this festival is a great way to be around all things horror. You can watch independent horror filmmakers showcase their talent with the wide variety of films submitted for screening. You can also meet the many stars of horror that will be present, including Bruce Campbell and Sean Hayes. If you’re interested in going, get tickets soon, because they go fast. As a bonus for horror fans, there’s also the annual Zombie Attack Walk on Bardstown Rd. on August 29.

Baxter Jack’s Volleyball

Baxter Jack’s is a great place to enjoy a good volleyball tournament after a long stroll down Bardstown Rd. Located at 440 Baxter Avenue, this particular venue holds three volleyball courts and is open until October. It is certainly worth checking out for its popularity and varied tournament list. If you want to get that last game of volleyball out of your system before summer ends, then Baxter Jack’s is a no-brainer.

Louisville Public Parks

Free summer entertainment can always be found at Louisville’s public parks. If you’re in the mood for an outside movie screening, check out the amphitheater in Iroquois Park. If you’re looking for an outdoor stage drama, Central Park holds live performances of Shakespeare during specific dates over the course of the summer. For sheer scenic beauty, Cherokee Park is ideal. You can walk through one of the many hiking trails and also enjoy a game of golf here.

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