Sat. Mar 23rd, 2019

Jamie & Nate’s love advice column: Our resident love experts talk spring flings

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

This proverb, for me, summarizes pretty well how people in general feel about spring- it’s a relief. Indeed it is a relief for me to be able to set foot outside without feeling winter’s chill try to suck out my life force. Some people may appreciate the winter and that’s fine, though I really can’t help but feel that most would appreciate seasonal allergies as oppose to having one’s driveway turned into a slip-and-slide for their car.

This column is supposed to be about love in the springtime, which is odd considering that love is not really excluded to any particular time of year. But in another sense, spring is indeed the season for love.

When it is spring, it’s like the whole Earth turns friendly, welcoming you in its arms and every so often it leaves the top of your head decorated with a sprig of flower pedals. Cradling you in tall grass under wash of the suns comforting light, nature speaks poetry to you with colors.

When it is springtime, you feel like you can really fall in love with the Earth. Never is it so kind than in spring. Never else does it provide you with its most comforting sights and sensations. It makes me shiver to think about it. Love never has to be restricted to our human counterparts, we can fall in love with most anything, especially nature.

Spring is a time for love, though that’s not to exclude any other season. They’re all special. But what’s special about spring is how it brings you back into being born somehow, not like baby born or Jason Bourne or air-borne illnesses; just like being reborn. Everything is fresh again, and you feel new and reinvigorated. The world beckons you outside to fall in love with it again.

That’s what spring love is to me, even if it’s kind of ooey-gooey, lovey-dovey. Spring is the season of optimism, of comfort and appreciation. Celebrate spring and celebrate what the season offers to you. It’s different for every person, but while we’re cramming for finals and racing to get everything wrapped up for the end of the year, don’t move so fast that you don’t take a second to find that special something that the season is offering you.

–James El-Mallakh
[email protected]

Hopefully, we’re now all thawing out our winter weary bones and have successfully turned our happy switches back to the on position. Like the buds emerging on trees in springtime, our senses are undergoing a similar awakening, shaken from the dullness of winter by new life and finally being able to step outside without clinching one’s muscles tight to brace against the cold.

There’s something inherently romantic about being able to comfortably stand outside and see the sun in Louisville. Perhaps it’s just the weather and longer days that brings out the amorist in most of us. Maybe it’s the quick change from wearing 10 layers to wearing one or two, and, again like the trees, we emerge from hibernation, and we suddenly take a human form again. To no longer have to hold hands through thick wool mitts and to have the emotion of our faces unveiled again evokes a feeling of birthed affection. Whether that affection is for another person or a spring beet crop, love is in the air, and that’s not the Bradford pear tree you smell. Maybe this spring would be a good time to reintroduce old timey love and bring back a general respect for women or men. Instead of thinking of women as cars or bicycles, and in the classic R. Kelly fashion, desiring to simply ride them, perhaps a more classy Nat King Cole approach would bring some humanity back into relationships.

A lack of respect for women’s bodies is all too evident at college, despite the fact that women can pursue higher education; they have not yet been liberated from objectification. While it certainly is funny to joke about a woman’s ability to drive or derive equations, demonstrating a lack of respect inflicts deeper emotional wounds than a joke. Perhaps this spring can signal a reawakening of love, whatever personal significance that word holds. Maybe all we have to do is learn to appreciate someone’s smile, and like the evolution of the seasons, give things time to progress and enjoy them while they last.

–Nathan Douglas
[email protected]

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