New infra-RED jerseys arouse mixed responses

By on April 3, 2012

By Sammie Hill–

During this year’s Big East and NCAA tournaments, the University of Louisville surprised audiences by sporting Adidas infra-RED jerseys. Although some prefer the traditional uniforms, others—players included—have embraced the new look, regarding the vibrant jerseys as a staple of the Cardinals’ successful run to the 2012 Final Four.
“A lot of people don’t like them because they say we look like highlighters,” said junior guard Peyton Siva. However, the team has expressed their fondness for the jerseys.
“The players would kill me if I tried to change,” revealed head coach Rick Pitino after winning the Big East championship. “The players love them. They’re undefeated in them. It would be silly to change right now.”
Sophomore guard Russ Smith added, “I want these jerseys every game.”
Louisville has been joined by two other universities, Baylor and Cincinnati, in the adoption of these Adidas AdiZero uniforms.
“When you go out on a limb and take risks, not everybody’s going to like what you do, and that’s OK,” said Lawrence Norman, Adidas’ Vice President for Global Basketball. “I feel like, during this March Madness, once it’s over and in retrospect looking back, I’m very proud to say that we’re the talk of the tournament and that our teams have excelled in these uniforms.”
Despite the new uniforms, this year’s University of Louisville men’s basketball team embodies the timeless Cardinal tradition of excellence. Regardless of the color of their jerseys, the team has represented U of L exceptionally well, uniting not only the university but also the entire Louisville community. This year’s team has inspired pride in the students of this school and the residents of this city by exemplifying the success that accompanies diligence and resiliency.

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