Quills: Cardinal Towne’s new coffee shop gets it right

By on January 31, 2012

By Ben Nance–

Quills Coffee is the ideal place grab a cup of reasonably priced, high-quality joe. It is the kind of friendly, we-aim-to-please establishment that seems to be something of a rarity as more and more coffee chains emphasize rapid franchising over customer satisfaction. And yes, in case you were wondering, you can get a cool tulip design in your latte.

The first thing to appreciate when walking into Quills is the presentation. Instead of bright fluorescent lighting, you see dimly-lit bulbs hanging from the ceiling. The table tops are made of glazed wood instead of plastic. A large chalk illustration on the wall explains “Brewology,” the different methods used for brewing coffee. You can watch these fancy methods being applied behind the counter as each drink is being prepared with finesse and care. When the drinks are ready, they are served in red ceramic mugs on red ceramic saucers. No flimsy paper cups here.

The main menu is a made up of your standard coffee drinks along with a list of specialty drinks. While the espresso and coffee by themselves are way above the grain when it comes to savory quality, you’d be missing out if you didn’t also try the delicious “Smokehouse,” which uses real sorghum to bring out a distinct smoky flavor. If you are an espresso lover, the macchiato is also very tasty. When you drink it, you are instantly reminded that espresso is something meant to be savored and not tossed back like an energy drink.

Quills also offers up a wide variety of menu items outside of just coffee. They also have cinnamon rolls, chocolate candies, bagels, fruit juices and tea to name a few. Whether you are craving a caffeine free beverage or just something sweet to snack on, there will certainly be something for you.

Quills is a place where you can sit down, relax and actually enjoy the coffee you are drinking for a change. It proudly presents coffee-making as a subtle art, which is refreshing.

Once you share a French press with friends after a long day of classes, you will be glad you chose the place. If you are looking for a coffee lover’s coffee shop near campus, look no further than Quills in Cardinal Towne.

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Photo: Nathan Douglas/The Louisville Cardinal

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